The F.I.X. Code Technique 1 day Intensive

This one day Intensive with the Founder and Creator will blow your mind

1 day Healing and Learning

This 1 Day healing and learning retreat will knock your socks off

Weekend Exclusive Retreat

Weekend retreat

Relax, this weekend is all about you. Let's get rid of those  toxic negative emotions and fears. Spend some time at the spa and also learn how to understand the relationships you have in your life-not everyone thinks or feels the same as we do.  F.I.X Code sessions will be a major part of our time together. 

Weekend Who The Heck Is Mommy ?


This is a really fun way to learn the F.I.X. Code Technique and dive into the developmental stages of our kids. We touch on all 3 stages so no one is left out. This weekend is action packed with learning and incredible healing. You will not only experience the technique all weekend but you will learn it and leave with the on - line course.  

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