Weekend of Healing and Learning

Who the Heck is Mommy ?



...is based on my real experience as a mom and how Daniel helped me understand and apply all the tools that we will be teaching this amazing action packed weekend .
Not only will you understand your kids more, you will be able to apply these tools right away. There are no gadgets or ceremonies and NOOOOO long talks with your kids. NO creep line moments of being invasive trying to get them to tell you where they have been, what they've been doing or who they have been seeing.

After 7 years of using these tools combined with the F.I.X. Code Technique, I am still in awe at how I use these tools every day with my loved ones and the peaceful harmony that we live in.
I want to SHARE this with you ...First– because it changed my life and Second– it works!

What's happening to our kids?


Anxiety and depression wreak havoc in our daily lives. Wouldn't it be amazing to have a proven technique at your fingertips and help our kids–anytime–anywhere–with panic attacks, sadness, hurt, fear of failure?

No gadgets, no talk therapy, no long ceremonies or months of appointments. This technique is so easy to learn & use. It gives you a simple yet profound way to help your loved ones RIGHT NOW... In the moment

We have all struggled to know where to start...until now!

This weekend is all about helping you so that you can help them.


  • LEARN how to help your teenagers with anxiety and depression
  • Understanding WHAT they are saying to you
  • Understanding WHY they are behaving that way
  • LEARN tools in language that will ease communication
  • Imagine no chaos
  • Imagine peace in your house between between siblings
  • help your kids deal with bullying, drugs and overwhelming fears