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The F.I.X. Code Technique

Are you a Light Worker ?  This is for YOU.


Emotional Healing modality 

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Hear what people have to say

F. Flear

I. Intuitive

X. Extraction

Code : the horrible feeling or fear

Technique : Metaphorical Device


Think about the biggest problem you have in your life right now

How does it make you feel ?

Do you want to change how you feel?

If yes .... YOU can learn how to do this technique and help you and your loved ones 

 What are you waiting for ?

Anxiety Solution


This  60 second video  can change how you feel about life. The links below will take you to further information.

Signs you may be a Lightworker.

Lightworker (pdf)



"Since being a client of Stacey’s for around 4 years, my life has changed dramatically for the total good. I am more empowered, peaceful, clear, loving and stronger in my life. The F.I.X. Code has improved my life and my relationships beyond my wildest dreams. It became a given I would take the F.I.X. Code course to pass this technique to others to improve their lives. In taking the course, so far (I haven’t finished it yet) I notice how my feelings and the feelings of my friends are not ours, which gives us all incredible freedom. I also am more compassionate towards others for I “know” that their feelings aren’t them and I feel so fantastic knowing I can help people in this way. I am excited to see what is in store for me as I finish the course!” Jan S.

What will I learn ?

Course Content

Brian's Testimonial

"I  have found the F.I.X. code very helpful during difficult times in my life. Using this technic that is taught, it allows you to not stress about the situation you are dealing with. I really don't know where I would be without the assistance of Daniel and his work but I know it would not be someplace good. I can even tell you the day I first met Daniel and experienced his work (April,16,2009). Immediate results were there, what followed after my initial visit was the best 6 months of my life. Everything improved in my life and I mean absolutely everything. Thank you for helping me out in my life." Brian B.

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