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Workshops and Intensive Seminars. Book your private or corporate group or just for yourself.


We are the FREE ENERGY model of mind therapies. Our mission is to build relationships and share the F.I.X. Code Technique globally.

Find us  where NEW age meets Ancient Gene Technologies!

Listen to Stacey's recent radio Interview with Nikki Clarke about the F.I.X. Code

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What is The F.I.X. Code Technique?

Life changing, cutting edge, mind blowing...

The F.I.X. Code emotional healing modality has been in development for over 25 years. We have  proof from thousands of people like YOU that this works because lives have changed instantly.

The technique is the basis of all individual sessions, workshops, seminars and training courses where you can learn to do this amazing  technique yourself.

Our private sessions remain the most popular service. Once you have had a one on one session and felt the results, you will want to book time with Daniel and get rid of as many negative emotions as possible. Life is so much more free when that burden is gone.


Are you challenged in ANY way by your children? Do they respect you and contribute to a harmonious family life? Or are you crumbling under the teenage years? Are your little ones having meltdowns ? Are kids running the show ? Running you ragged ? Are you scared every time they leave the house?

Learn to change all that, simply, fast and effectively. We offer a 1 day workshop  for everyone who works with or has kids!

We also have the weekend intensive that will blow your mind with all the learning and Healing.

Sign up NOW–workshop and intensive weekend spots are limited. 


For  entrepreneurs, business people, on line businesses or personal growth, this live training session will give you an advantage over your competitors.  What is stopping your from moving forward with your dreams? Find out and overcome the obstacles quickly, painlessly.

What people are saying about the LIVE training

Wondering what the F.I.X. Code Course is? I'm excited to tell you.....right now!

Get to know us better

A bit about us!

Where we have been, where we are going and what we do best. You have never experienced anything like the F,I.X. Code and we are available to tell you more.

Get your questions ready.

Looking Ahead

We are in Ottawa at the Women's Expo Oct 21-22 and Toronto at the Whole Life Expo in November 3-5.

You can find out  here about our live event trainings being  held in the Blue Mountains.

Weekend Intensive

There are so many challenges facing our children as they grow. Each developmental stage is different. This live training will let you understand how your child handles these and how you can help them grow to their potential.

1 Day Workshop

This is a day of Learning and Healing.

Learn about who your kids are and how better to connect with them.

Experience the F.I.X. Code Technique and start feeling better yourself.

Let`s get our kids back !

Online Training with a Friend

Hundreds and hundreds of people just like you have been helped by this technique. 

And now you can learn to help those you love by taking this online training  course WITH A FRIEND. Learn together, heal together, support each other and laugh together

What is a session like?

What is a session like?

You will sit relaxed and listen to the instructions. Simply tell us how you feel about the biggest problem in your life,  all without reliving the events. Sessions can take place in person or via phone. 

Don't miss out !

Be a part of the NEW generation of thinkers and healers

Benefit from this incredible new technique in several ways. 

Have a private session to clear away your negative emotions.

Or learn to do the technique through the on line training course.  Implement it into your existing practice–use it with family and friends.

Help people overcome anxiety, fears or horrible feelings. Help those you love.

No tools, no gadgets... Just YOU ..  

This cutting edge  course is for a NEW generation of thinkers. That means YOU.

Thank you for not giving up your search ... This will change your life... Learn to do this... and help change the world.