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We are building relationships with the rest of the world so as to SHARE The F.I.X. Code Technique with THEM so THEY can change THEIR lives .

We are the FREE ENERGY model of mind therapies .

We can be found where NEW age meets Ancient Gene Technologies !

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What is The F.I.X. Code ?

The F.I.X. Code Technique

The F.I.X. Code emotional healing modality has been in development for over 25 years. 

This cutting edge information has helped change the lives of thousands around the world. It is result driven and it works. 

Can I learn how to do this?

YES YOU CAN! Learn more about our on-line course. Click on the link and scroll through. 

The course is 10 modules of amazing content, videos and great support as you learn at your own pace. Take it with a friend so you always have a buddy to practice with.

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Listen to Stacey's interview with Nikki Clarke about the F.I.X. Code 

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Recently we enjoyed our time at the Wellness Expo, meeting many wonderful new people and practitioners. If you are interested, see below to download your 20% off coupon and have your own session.

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The F.I.X. Code technique is an experience. The best way to understand it, is to have a session. Over the phone, in person, whatever works for you. Download the Free Course Info Pack and get your coupon for 20% off a session.


Hundreds and hundreds of people just like you have been helped by this technique. Check out some of their comments here.

What is a session like?

What is a session like?

You will sit relaxed and listen to the instructions. You will not give us all the details about your problem, but simply tell us how you feel about it- all without reliving the events.

Sessions can take place in person or via phone. Click here for more FAQs.



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Be a part of the NEW generation of thinkers and healers

Learn  to do this incredible new technique. Implement it into your existing practice–use it with family and friends.

Help people overcome anxiety, fears or horrible feelings. Help those you love.

No tools, no gadgets... Just YOU ..  

This cutting edge  course is for a NEW generation of thinkers. That means YOU.

Thank you for not giving up your search ... This will change your life... Learn to do this... and help change the world.